Brazil, a vast South American country, stretches from the Amazon Basin in the north to vineyards and massive Iguaçu Falls in the south. Rio de Janeiro, symbolized by its 38m Christ the Redeemer statue atop Mount Corcovado, is famed for its busy Copacabana and Ipanema beaches as well as its enormous, raucous Carnaval festival, featuring parade floats, flamboyant costumes, and samba music and dance.

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The climate in Brazil varies considerably mostly from tropical north (the equator traverses the mouth of the Amazon) to temperate zones south of the Tropic of Capricorn (23°26' S latitude). ... Average temperatures below the Tropic of Capricorn are mild, ranging from 13 °C (55 °F) to 22 °C (72 °F).

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The Brazilian Reel is the currency for Brazil
Average conversional rate 1 BRL = INR 20

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You will be able to get a variety of souvenirs from here and they will remind you of the time you spent in Brazil forever.
Hammock. It's National Hammock Day! ...
Coffee. ...
Cachaça. ...
Flip-flops. ...
Soapstone. ...
Handmade things. ...
Moqueca pot.

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