Mizoram is a state in Northeast India, with Aizawl as its capital city. The name is derived from "Mizo", the name of the native inhabitants, and "Ram", which means land, and thus Mizoram means "land of the Mizos"

Mizoram has a mild climate, being relatively cool in summer 20 to 29 °C (68 to 84 °F)but progressively warmer most probably due to climate change with temperature crossing 30 degrees Celsius with winter temperatures ranging from 7 to 22 °C (45 to 72 °F).
Paun, a beautifully woven cloth can be found at Bara Baazar or at Millenium Centre. In case you are much fond of such artefacts explore Bara Baazar well and I am sure you will get your pick without much hassle. However, lakes like Tam Dil, villages like Reiek, town of Champhai are other popular attractions in Mizoram.


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