Karnataka is a state in southwest India with Arabian Sea coastlines. The capital, Bengaluru (formerly Bangalore), is a high-tech hub known for its shopping and nightlife. To the southwest, Mysore is home to lavish temples including Mysore Palace, former seat of the region’s maharajas. Hampi, once the medieval Vijayanagara empire’s capital, contains ruins of Hindu temples, elephant stables and a stone chariot.

The average day temperature is 29 degrees Celsius in the monsoon season. During winter temperatures range from 32 degrees Celsius to below 20 degrees Celsius. Till date the highest temperature recorded in Karnataka was 45.6 °C (114 °F)
  • Sandalwood sculptures, sandalwood oil and soap.
  • Incense sticks, perfumes.
  • Metal lamps and metal crafts.
  • Wood carvings, inlay works and Guledgudda handlooms.
  • Mysore silk, Bijapur sarees, Ilkal sarees.
  • Mysore painting.
  • Jewels from Bijapur and Lambani.


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